Eating Disorders

Why Do Teen Girls Cut Themselves

by Lucie Hemmen on November 28, 2012

Over the years, I’ve seen a tremendous increase in self-harming behaviors among my teen girl clients. I’m not the only one. School counselors, therapists, coaches, teachers and parents across the nation note a significant increase in self-cutting.

While reckless behavior is well know to parents of teens, intentional, ritualistic, self-injury tends to be a mindblower. Why are young women slicing into their bodies to make themselves bleed?

Because this topic is of interest to more and more people, I’m writing a 2-part blog about it for Psychology Today.

In part one, Stressed Out Teen Girls: Cutting to Cope, you’ll hear Molly’s story.



Helping Your Teen With Eating and Body Image

September 17, 2012

A Guest Post By Andrea Wachter, LMFT As an eating disorders counselor and author, I have spent decades working with clients of all ages who are struggling with their food and weight. My experience comes not only from my schooling and my counseling practice, but from the trenches. I too, spent decades hating my body, dieting […]

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