Process Painting Workshop: Painting the Inner Landscape

by Lucie Hemmen on October 12, 2012

A Workshop for Teen Girls on November 11, 2012 with Lucie Hemmen, Ph.D. and Majio

Years ago when I lived in San Francisco, I took a Process Painting workshop. It was held in a beautiful, light drenched space with rows of colored paint in the middle of a room. Each “artist” had a large piece of butcher block paper to work on that was taped on a wall. None of us had any significant training or experience in art.

We were supported in playing with paint, like we did when were children. Not to create great art but to reconnect with the joy of paint, color, and the freedom of moving both around on a big, white, sheet of paper. In fact, we were supported to ignore the voice inside commanding us to create something beautiful. Instead, we were guided to express something meaningful. It was delicious.

I heard about Majio from a client who attended her workshops here in Santa Cruz, in a light drenched building on the West side. Truly, walking into her artistic space made me feel good. Majio has studied art and process painting for years. We talked about how to collaborate in order to create an enjoyable and meaningful experience for teen girls. Between the two of us, we have lots of ideas that we will explore in our first workshop.

For starters, we want to make teen girls comfortable. We’re timing it so they can sleep in on Sunday, eat lunch, and then come wearing their sweats or whatever feels most comfortable. When they arrive, they can check out the studio and create a space for themselves to paint. I will talk about emotions and how they actually have life, color, shape, energy, and movement inside our bodies. Knowing what we are feeling, being able to connect, relate, and respond to what we are feeling, makes us happier and healthier in our lives. It establishes a rapport internally that extends outward in many ways.

When teen girls feel familiar and comfortable with their inner landscape of emotions, they feel better in the landscape of their complex, often over stimulating lives.

Majio will guide the girls in how to paint, not to create an outcome, but to engage in a creative  and expressive experience. She has a light and lovely energy the girls will find soothing.

If we get a good response for this workshop, we will do more!

If You Want to Go:

November 11, 2012 from 1:00 – 3:30pm

Registration Deadline: November 1st

Who: Teen girls 14 – 19

Click here to contact Lucie Hemmen for questions about pricing and to reserve a spot! Or call 831-471-5824

To learn more about Majio, visit her website at



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