Dr. Lucie Hemmen Appearing on the Steve Harvey Show

by Lucie Hemmen on May 14, 2013

Lucie Hemmen, Ph.D. | NBC Studios Chicago

Episode covering the topic “Fourteen is the New Eighteen” features Dr. Hemmen as Featured Expert

A few months ago, I had a huge, unexpected adventure. It started with a message on my phone left by a woman identifying herself as “Julie from the The Steve Harvey Show in Chicago. We’re looking for an expert on teen girls and it looks like that’s you, Dr. Lucie. Please call me as soon as possible.”

The message was so stunning to digest in the middle of a full client day that I actually dismissed it. I went on to my next client without giving it another thought. At the end of my workday, I was actually surprised to hear the message again. This was really happening.

Julie was the first in a series of producers who starred in my adventure. Extremely nice and professional, she informed me that The Steve Harvey Show was planning an upcoming segment about teen girls titled Fourteen is the New Eighteen. She wanted to know if I was interested in being the expert for the show.

My answer, of course, was “HELL yes!” (I’ve become excellent at dodging arrows of terror.) Julie asked me to take a short video of myself on my phone and send it to her. Before I knew it, I was headed to Chicago!

Thank goodness the process proceeded very quickly, allowing no time for nerves or self-doubt. I called my mom to tell her to ‘pack your bag and come with me’, borrowed a proper coat, and we were off to Chicago. From the airport, we took the L train into the city and walked to our awesome hotel.

NBC Tower ChicagoThe next morning started off with immediate communication from producer #2, who was responsible for handling me and the other guests on the segment. Again, this producer was incredibly friendly and efficient. She got my feedback on the topic and the guests which she integrated into the segment script. I was told to show up in the tower lobby at 2:30 in the afternoon where I would be met to prepare for a 5 o’clock taping.

The walk from my hotel to the NBC tower was short and exciting. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed passing the impressive Chicago Tribune building on my way toward that famous NBC Peacock. I reported to the tower lobby, as instructed, and waited for my escort.

I’ve got to say, every single person affiliated with The Steve Harvey Show was friendly, efficient, and astonishingly attractive. The young man who collected me looked like a younger and possibly more handsome version of Denzel Washington. He appeared and disappeared magically every time I needed to move from one location to another.

The Steve Harvey Show shoots on the same floor made famous by Oprah Winfrey. Seeing and experiencing the production in all its stages was absolutely fascinating.

In every direction, people were working. There were multiple Green Rooms for guests, a hair and make up room (I got to wear false eyelashes!), a wardrobe room, the studio itself, and probably tons of other rooms I didn’t get to see.

Extremely well dressed, bubbly employees and interns clicked along multiple corridors executing diverse tasks that somehow all came together at show time.
The scene felt simultaneously chaotic yet organized. Chaotic due to the number of different things happening, yet organized in the graceful execution of interrelated tasks. Ultimately, the various streams of activity converged to create America’s most popular daytime talk show.

I would characterize my contribution to the Fourteen is the New Eighteen segment as short but sweet. I’d love to tell you what I said but that would require some shred of recall. All I remember for sure is that when Steve Harvey introduced me, he held up and recommended my book, Parenting a Teen Girl.

I’m fairly sure I felt my lips move and heard my own voice when it was ‘Dr. Lucie’s’ turn to talk, so there’s a good chance I strung a few sentences together.

Lucie Hemmen, Ph.D. | Backstage Steve Harvey ShowAfter this part of the program was finished, young ‘Denzel’ sweetly escorted me off set. I think I shocked him a little when I gave him a huge hug and thanked him excessively for his comforting kindness.

Back in the green room, I spent some time with the teen girl guests and their moms. They were understandably emotional about the show so we debriefed. The girls were wonderful and their moms were devoted and passionate. At some point, exhaustion hit us all and we said goodbye.

So, that was my adventure. And if my eyes look a little blinky on camera, let me tell you false eyelashes are unexpectedly HEAVY on the eyelids!

How to Watch:

Tune in on Wednesday May 29th at 11:00am on Central Coast ABC

To find the Steve Harvey Show on your local station, click here: Steve Harvey Show


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