Parenting a Teen Girl: A Crash Course on Conflict, Communication, and Connection with Your Teen Daughter

Lucie Hemmen’s book is now available from New Harbinger Publications.

States of anxiety, confusion and overwhelm are not conducive to effective or enjoyable parenting!  Lucie’s guiding motivation for this book has been to create a product for parents that is as soothing and optimistic as it is practical. Since our culture as a whole seems overwhelmed and confused by teen girls, Lucie transforms negativity into something both real and workable  for parents and teens alike. She has found that approaching challenges from an optimistic perspective feels much better and gets better results. Parents feel good about themselves and teen girls respond favorably when efforts to connect, communicate, and solve conflict come from a place of optimism and good will.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Maximize your teen’s healthy development
  • Understand what underlies her moods and behavior
  • Implement strategies for positive results
  • Communicate effectively about difficult issues
  • Enjoy and appreciate time with your teen daughter

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